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Frequently Asked Questions

Contour Legacy Leg Relief Pillow


What are the benefits of the Leg Relief Wedge?

You can use the Leg Relief Wedge to elevate your legs to a 40-degree angle, helping to ease aches and pains, soothe swelling, pain problems, poor circulation, and more.

How do I inflate the Leg Relief Wedge?

The Leg Relief Wedge comes with an air pump that you can use to quickly inflate the Leg Relief Wedge whenever you want to use it. Simply insert the tip of the air pump into the valve on the side of the Leg Relief Wedge and pump to fill it with air.

How do I clean the Leg Relief Wedge?

Simply wipe away any dirt or spilled liquids away with a damp cloth.

Can I wash the Leg Relief Wedge in the washing machine?

Only use a damp cloth to wash the Leg Relief Wedge.

How do I store the Leg Relief Wedge?

Storing the Leg Relief Wedge is easy. Open the valve on the side of the Leg Relief Wedge and pinch the opening in the valve to release the air and deflate the Leg Relief Wedge. The Leg Relief Wedge can then be stored compactly.